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Aug 15 2013

The Encrypted Internet: The Security Effects of Edward Snowden


Regardless of how individuals may feel about Edward Snowden and the information that he leaked about the surveillance that the NSA was doing; the results of what he provided is going to be a tipping point in how the Internet handles communication going forward. The NSA has confirmed that it doesn’t intentionally collect information on …

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Feb 06 2012

Social Media and Super Bowl was a big win…


I was really impressed with the Internet traffic about the Super Bowl XLVI yesterday. It was coming from Facebook and Twitter and all social venues. Records were being set not only by the New England Patriots [Brady], but by the half time show with Madonna.   People were using Facebook to discuss the game, and …

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Jan 09 2012

SOPA is bad, but what Iran is doing is worse

I haven’t said much in regards to the new legislation is trying to go to Congress right now called SOPA; it stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. The proposed legislation has been highly controversial and there’s a lot of opposition towards the proposed legislation. Mixing technology and politics is not something that I normally do …

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