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Jul 18 2012

How HUD glasses are making the world nerdy…

I remember the days where wearing glasses was not the cool thing to do, but it looks as though times are changing as long as you’re keeping in step with technology. Google is now working on a project ‘project glass’; which is a pair of glasses that have a heads-up display in it, or HUD. …

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Mar 04 2011

The Declining Internet Experience

The United States doesn’t have the fastest Internet service— it’s ranked 12th in the world. The most influential nation, the most powerful and it’s ranked 12th; and they don’t have the best service… other countries have already embraced the Internet, more than the United States and recognized the importance of it. And this isn’t limited …

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Dec 13 2010

Gawker Teaches Another Lesson on Password Security [the vulnerabilities]

Gawker seems to be just another example of misplaced trust of an Internet service. Gawker has several of the Internets most popular websites; sites like Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jezebel, io9, Jalopnik, Kotaku, Deadspin, and Fleshbo. The server security has been compromised and hundreds of thousands of users accounts were stolen. If you visit their site …

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Oct 20 2010

Serious Concern: Web Services vs. Bandwidth Caps

The discussion of bandwidth is still an issue, but although not so visible in the media. Many people are running in to these issues of bandwidth vs. all the web services they want to use… These bandwidth ‘hogs’, I believe, are on the breaking edge of using their Internet connection for everything they want to …

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Nov 13 2009

Telecommuting: Are you ready to be a remote user?

When your sitting at your desk and your thinking, ‘man, I just wanna go home.’ or your thinking you wished you could just work from home; wouldn’t that be awesome. You need to think about what your saying and try to understand the requirements to work remotely. You need to understand there’s trade off’s and …

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Oct 15 2009

Basic Broadband Access Should Be A Law

CNET publishes this article about Finland passing a law that every person has a right to 1mb broadband speeds. This is what I’ve been saying all this time. Not everyone needs 6mb downloads, but everyone needs access to the web. There are too many resources now that are provided by the governments for citizens not …

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Sep 01 2009

LEHSYS Fans: I’m moving- BRB

I just wanted to say I know that there’s not been anything posted from me lately and this isn’t going to be the norm. I’m in the process of moving right now and I’ve not been able to sit down at a PC lately and I don’t have a fancy iPhone thingy. In addition to …

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Jul 01 2009

Time Warner Cable: Your Customers think you SUCK!

It’s the best thing to hit the internet since email, or the Pamela Anderson videos…  [smile] Time Warner Cable has screwed up so badly on their decisions to not only impose caps on monthly bandwidth [and charges], but they have actually blundered the implementation SO BAD, it’s sparked a call for government oversight! It’s amazing …

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Jun 24 2009

I’m sorry, WiFi only has a few years to live

I’m not really stating anything that already hasn’t been thought about, but you have to sit back and realize that smart phones and portable Internet enabled devices are growing by leaps and bounds. First, the PC was outsold by the laptop and now the Internet portable devices are pulling that gap closed. And while you …

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May 04 2009

TWC: Overages- Not Charged Until You Sign Up to be Monitored…

Time Warner Cable is agreeably the worst Internet provider right now. They’re practicing old dial-up and metering services for Internet service. In the locations where TWC is ‘beta testing’ this new method of billing customer’s they have this online metering service that informs the customer how much surfing they have left before they start using …

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