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Nov 06 2012

Skype shares good news; the death of Microsoft Messenger

Skype says they have good news to share; the death of Microsoft Messenger. Microsoft messenger has been one of those bloated instant messaging applications that Microsoft loves to push to all their desktops, but the problem with Microsoft Messenger is that it’s never been something that most people would consider ‘open’. Microsoft has always held …

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Aug 29 2012

Mozilla Thunderbird 15 released with Instant chat for Facebook, Google and Twitter

Mozilla Thunderbird continues to be one of my favorite applications as an email client. And although Mozilla has said that they’re not going to put as much effort into the development of Thunderbird, they have said that they are going to continue to provide Thunderbird with regular updates; they just want the community to become …

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Nov 01 2010

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.5 – Instant Messaging – Easter Egg

I’m still trying to find out what’s the deal with Thunderbird 3.1.5. Another release of Mozilla’s Thunderbird has been placed in the hands of the public and I have yet to find any scrap of documentation to explain the vexing hidden feature of Thunderbird. I’ll bet you didn’t even know about it! Thunderbird has instant …

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Oct 01 2010

Instant Messaging Needs A Standard Protocol

Being a person who understands and appreciates Instant Messenger applications for what they are and what they’re intended for; I can step passed the other comments about how irritating they are, or why someone doesn’t need it. They do have a solid purpose if they’re not abused. But here’s my argument, and my message to …

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Mar 19 2010

LEHSYS Freeware Instant Messaging Translator

Just about everyone Instant Messages someone using any one of the Instant Messaging Services [Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Jabber]. The process of chatting with someone online is fun, but if there’s a business side to it, you may find your self repeating some of the same old phrases. And while you may completely understand the information …

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Mar 19 2010

XMPP Jabber Is The Instant Message Standard

Recently Facebook announced that he was opening up access to its chat protocol. this means that just about any instant messenger using the jabber protocol and interface with Facebook. This makes much more sense than having to try to maintain so many different types of interfaces and protocols just for instant messaging. The Jabber protocol …

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Mar 12 2010

Making Mozilla Thunderbird Slender and Perfect

Mozilla Thunderbird is not one of the applications that I would consider outstanding from a vanilla installation. What make Thunderbird exceptional is its ability to have extensions; to make the program be more than what it is. To have functions that it wouldn’t normally have… This is where you can think of third-party providers for …

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Feb 17 2010

Digsby: Just One Stop for Instant Messaging

When someone tries to go around and be omnipresent with the Internet and all their buddies it’s kind of hard to do when all the different Instant Messaging protocols are different. This makes it so much better when you’ve a program/application like DISGBY around to bring it all together. It’s more than an Instant Messaging …

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Nov 06 2009

Can Mozilla’s Thunderbird bring it together in a Raindrop?

I read this article today about how Mozilla Thunderbird is coming together and they’re working on the ‘Universal Inbox’; this is SO MUCH what everyone needs. And I agree with a lot of what it has to say. I was discussing this with a friend of mine the other day about this very same problem …

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