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May 17 2013

Dragon Notes wants to help you organize your random thoughts

Now is definitely the time to be a curator of your thoughts and ideas. Nuance has released a new piece of software called Dragon Notes. Its initial offering seems to be in the same category as Evernote and Google Keep [web-based]. This move by Nuance is rather interesting because the company itself normally focuses on …

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Aug 04 2010

Microsoft Outlook Connector: A Po-Boy’s XOBNI

When I was going through the new Wave 4 beta stuff I downloaded the Microsoft Outlook Connector and installed [actually] by mistake. I didn’t actually realize what it was until I restarted Microsoft Outlook. It’s Microsoft’s attempt to generate a Xobni clone straight from the clanging bowels of Microsoft. It’s an initial offering to attempt …

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Jul 12 2010

Simply Brilliant: Google App Inventor

As the fight wages on in the world of Smartphones and applications, Google seems to have hit the nail on the head with the Google App Inventor. So you can imagine what Google was thinking a year ago when they released this a select few to play around with and inject a spark of innovation …

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Dec 09 2009

Voice Recognition: Dragon NaturallySpeaking vs AnDROID

I recently purchased a Motorola DROID ‘phone’ and I’ve been trying to get some updates from Nuance for some time now, on its initial offering of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, for the iPhone; not much yet. Maybe the fact I don’t have an iPhone is a hindrance. I asked to be included with the beta testing team, …

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