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Simply Brilliant: Google App Inventor

As the fight wages on in the world of Smartphones and applications, Google seems to have hit the nail on the head with the Google App Inventor. So you can imagine what Google was thinking a year ago when they released this a select few to play around with and inject a spark of innovation …

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Android + Google Goggles = The New Tricorder

This is another fascinating development from Google. It’s interesting that no one is doing these things and if they’re, they’re not publicized. Microsoft presented a feature months ago where pictures were collected and use collaborative manner; offering up the same scene from multiple different angles. BUT I’m not sure this was ever thought about…

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Yo. You da transport’a? Let’s do some kickin’ or sumptin? AXSHUN!

Stallone; wow that guy is somethin’. I can’t really imagine him doin action movies, but that’s his butter and bread. He’s never had a role that requires him to speak more than 3 sentences in a row or without multiple takes. He disappoints me. I really figured he would do a Clint Eastwood and move …

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