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Oct 02 2009

Emails without pictures: Who reads those?

Email is such an official occurrence. For me when I get an email it’s a notification something has been completed, something official like my account has been opened or if I just registered for a website/forum. When you get as many emails as I do, I’m looking for entertainment, something thought provoking and stimulating. And …

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Sep 30 2009

VOIP: Everywhere You Want To Be

I’ve already posted that I think ISP’ are going to change to to ‘media company’, but the more interesting thing is the communication lines like telephone. It’s not enough to have a phone line anymore; full well, Verizon isn’t interested in land line phone connections anymore. Just about every Internet connection is going to offer …

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Sep 29 2009

LEHSYS Monthly Report – 09/29/2009

Last month I was in the process of moving to my new house. In the interim I thought it would be good to post some social browsing of things that I was interested in while I didn’t have time to write some other stuff; I think this was a mistake. The traffic was DOWN by …

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Sep 28 2009

Things I Like about Google Chrome

My primary browser is NOT Chrome, but I keep it loaded for testing and as an option; you should always have options. But Chrome is not one to be dismissed it’s got some power and speed. And while the browser doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of… say Firefox; it hasn’t crashed on me …

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Sep 25 2009

Microsoft Outlook export options – absent

I’ve to use Microsoft Outlook 2007 at work and one of the most irritating things about Outlook is it’s inability to export information. There’s like no flexibility to get information out of it. Outlook has a great ability to store information and be a contact center piece, but damn if it isn’t hard getting stuff …

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Sep 24 2009

Where’s the ‘Presto’ Version of the Windows Operating System

QUESTION TO THE PUBLIC Presto is a release that allows the PC or the laptop to boot almost instantly [just a couple seconds] and I’m wondering where’s the Presto version of Windows Vista/7? I mean why can’t Microsoft offer a quick boot version of their Operating System just for baseline operations? If you really wanted …

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Sep 24 2009

Thunderbird v3b4 – impressions

I’ve been reporting on the progression of Thunderbird and they’ve released another beta. These are some things I noticed about the latest beta from Mozilla. I think that Mozilla is making improvements; they seem to be subtle and I still think it’s missing a social factor with not trying to connect with more social networking …

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Sep 23 2009

Replacing Textbooks with eBooks and Kindles

When kids go back to school/college, and typically have to pay a fee for the use of textbooks, or purchase textbooks altogether. I don’t quite understand why kids are still taking textbooks to school. The school systems purchase textbooks for the kids to utilize, but the problem is that they’re doing this 6-12 times, if …

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Sep 18 2009

Prediction: Windows 7 Keygen Flood– wait for it…

One of the most amusing things I’ve seen with the ‘leaked’ versions of Windows 7 is the creation of the keygen, serial and hacks to activate Windows 7, but what’s better is the fact that it’s almost like the major players on this are waiting for the day of October 22nd. It’s almost like they’re …

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