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Sep 16 2011

Using AutoHotKey to Hack Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is easily my favorite application for productivity. I speak, and it types; I use it for blogging and for work— and have been for the past six years or so. The latest release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, version 11, worked extremely well, and I understand that the purpose of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking is to …

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Jun 06 2011

Firefox Browser Market Share is Slipping… to Chrome.

Looking over the stats from W3Counter, I noticed something interesting… Firefox market share is slipping. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to slide in market share and there’s nothing there that’s really going to help them; they have damaged that brand so bad— there’s nothing going to save it now, but you wouldn’t expect Firefox to be …

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Sep 24 2010

Google To Release Chrome v28 In Just Two Years!

Microsoft just released their latest version of Internet Explorer, version 9 Beta. I can remember a few years back when Firefox was releasing versions of their browser are quick basis just to get to the point where it equaled that of Internet Explorer. Google’s Chrome is the newest Web browser on the market, it’s roughly …

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Jun 05 2009

Mozilla Firebird: 10 extensions for easier browsing

Mozilla’s Firefox is by far the most popular browser that’s recorded by my website. The popularity of Firefox has grown steadily over the past couple years and while some potholes have been placed in the road for Firefox [via Chrome], I still consider Firefox the browser of choice. One of the beautiful things about Firefox …

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Apr 01 2009

Microsoft announces single-version Windows 7

Microsoft today announced that the forthcoming version of its operating system, Microsoft Windows 7, would come in just one single version, despite rumors that there would be five versions of the software. The operating system will simply be called "Windows 7." The company found that offering multiple versions of Windows Vista confused customers, and generated …

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