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The self-sustaining vehicle – why can’t there be?

I guess I’m a ‘dummy’… I guess I just don’t get the problem. The argument is not so much can a car be self-sufficient, but can you really get away from a GAS fuel; I want to say yes- [to coin a phrase] yes we can. These are some things, technologies and some people that …

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HHO Power is a Good Step

With gas prices on the rise again and the US coming in with a new president, there’s no telling what is going to happen, but I know that we have to come up with a new way to power our transportation. Keeping an eye on the GREEN technology, I find the HHO fuels awesome. HHO …

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Hybrid Powered Savings

While it’s nice to have gas prices low right now, they’re going to go back up. And while everyone with gas guzzlers are taking a $40 a week raise [from not having to pay for gas], those hurtful days are going to come back and when they do they are going to probably be worse …

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