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Apr 12 2014

Techie Review: iRulu 9.7″ Android Tablet


This is a hands-on review of the iRulu 9.7″ Android Tablet [AZ941]. I did an earlier review of another iRulu Tablet about nine months ago. At the time, the purpose was to try to find a low-cost android tablet that met all the requirements I was looking for; nothing really high end, but still very …

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Apr 24 2013

Is Microsoft Surface is going to make you work more?


Hey corporate workers! It seems like every blog out there has an opinion [even mine] about the success and failure of Microsoft Surface, but I don’t think anyone is really covering the fact that Microsoft Surface is going to allow employers to get some free work time. I think a lot of employers have been …

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Apr 01 2013

How to convince your employer to let you work remotely


Barring the recent idiocy decision from Yahoo; there’s a growing trend for employers to allow for remote users. Some people refer to this as working from home, telecommuting or teleworking; basically the person doing the job is doing everything without having to physically go to the office. Some employees want to work from home to …

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Dec 14 2012

Will 2013 be the year of streaming content?


As 2013 approaches, it looks like it’s going to be the year for revolution when it comes to getting your media entertainment. I can recall when the top executives from Comcast said that people who were trying to cut the cord, or were cord cutters; that they weren’t worried about that. Well, they should be …

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Nov 19 2012

Movie Review: Skyfall – Brings a more serious Bond


James Bond is one of those prolific and iconic characters that everyone recognizes. Simply the introduction of James Bond everyone sparks thoughts about spies and gadgets, not to mention the women that have played the role of Bond girl. This past weekend I just a belated trip to the local theater to see the newest/latest …

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Oct 08 2012

Portable And In Your Hand – Roku Streaming Projector


If the Roku wasn’t interesting enough for you before, it should start looking interesting to you now. In addition to Roku releasing their Roku  streaming stick, Roku has partnered with 3M to create a small projector that can stream video from whatever sources Roku can conjure. The standard Roku unit is miniature anyways but the …

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May 05 2011

Getting everything from your Internet connection…


I was reading through the article the other day about how Comcast had had a spike in consumer subscriptions into Internet broadband services. The fact that Comcast is having a spike in Internet subscriptions doesn’t surprise me one bit, actually I would expect to have more subscriptions, but what may be keeping consumers from adding …

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Mar 17 2011

AT&T Drops Bandwidth Caps – What Does It Mean For Their Customers?


So, AT&T has decided to cap their bandwidth to 150Gb and 250Gb. Overages coming in at $10 for each additional 50Gb customers use and according to AT&T customer would be warned numerous times prior to that charge going in to affect. This isn’t a new thing, Comcast already has theirs in place. But it took …

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Feb 25 2010

Windows Live Writer Enables Posterous via Plug-in


Windows Live Writer has just been handed a plug-in to allow the posting to Posterous. It just hit the web about 4 hours ago. Scott Lovegrove created the plug-in and 5 lucky people were able to download and test the functionality. It think this will be widely used. At the time of this post, the …

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Sep 20 2009

Social browsing for September 20th

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… There’s nothing that 16 hours of The Three Stooges won’t cure. But it doesn’t help you teach your 4yr old not to hit other people. [lehenryjr] Enjoy.

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