Tag: High Definition

Review: Logitech c615 HD Webcam

I was needing a new webcam and I wanted to ensure the next webcam I got was high definition, 1080 resolution and was autofocus. With all the buzz being around being able to do video chat and with Skype and Google+ having almost perfected the sequence of connecting; I wanted something that just worked. Unlike …

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Protecting DVD and Blu-Ray Discs

The task of copying a DVD is still a lost art on some folks and there’s plenty of documentation and applications that can make backup copies of DVD’s, but I’m not writing this for any malicious reasons, this is for parents; parents of small kids. Or ‘big kids’ that watch a lot of movies. The …

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How to: Import MOV Files In To Windows Live Movie Maker [easy]

I’m finally getting back around to a problem that I was having with Windows Live Movie Maker not being able to work with QuickTime movie files [MOV]. Windows Live Movie Maker is still in the beta phase and hasn’t been officially released to the public, a release candidate is expected to be released soon. A …

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