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Apr 16 2013

Windows 8 continues to push the irrelevance of a Microsoft Operating System

Back in May of 2011, I wrote a post about Windows 8 and that people shouldn’t buy it. The discussions over Windows 8 are highly mixed and there’s a group of people that love Windows 8 there’s a group of people that absolutely despise Windows 8. That demographic of people can be separated into those …

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Oct 02 2012

Want to lose those last few friends you have sending you emails? Use this Mozilla Thunderbird plug-in

Are you anal enough that when people send you emails, and they’re not formatted correctly; do you just freak the hell out? Do you start off on a diatribe in private about where’s the proper subject, or what in the hell would someone send this e-mail to me; it’s stupid! Well, happy birthday… There’s a …

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Jul 05 2012

Smartphones on vacation… very useful.

I recently got back from vacation in Daytona Beach, FL and having not been on a vacation in a very long time; since before Smartphones, my recent vacation was nicer because I was able to access some great resources in the area thanks to my Smartphone. On my last vacation, getting to my destination was …

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May 11 2012

Is it wrong for Microsoft to restrict their tablets to just Internet Explorer?

So one of the interesting things about the pending release of the Windows 8 tablets; Microsoft has decided to not allow other browsers the same luxury as theirs. And a bigger question is, does Microsoft think that their release of a tablet [PC] with Windows 8 is going to be enough to sway people to …

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Jan 25 2012

My 6 Fun things to hate over at Facebook

Facebook is the most recognizable websites of the Internet and it boasts the largest number of members, at 800,000+ that’s a pretty good number. Last year Facebook made some changes, they were not so good, so Facebook changed them again. And over the years Facebook has become one of those things I tolerate because everyone …

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Sep 21 2011

Tit for Tat: Google vs Facebook— and Facebook users still can’t get a ‘DISLIKE’ button

Bang bang bang… ‘you’re on the floor, when the bullet hits the bone…’ It’s just who’s going to get who and who’s going to do it better. I gotta say this ‘coding war’ is just what users were needing. It’s like a ‘coding’ party, writing the new functions and features isn’t going to stop until …

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Aug 03 2011

Google+ and Facebook: There’s not enough room for both

I’m quickly starting to realize that there’s not enough time in the day for both Facebook and Google+. I’ve been tearing myself apart over the last 2 weeks going from Facebook to Google+ and back again. And while I realize I could post to Facebook from Google+ I just won’t do it. Another surprising thing …

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Mar 16 2011

Internet Explorer 9 won’t install on a Windows operating system- What a joke!

I’d speculate I’m one of the lucky few that Internet Explorer 9 won’t install on. I have Windows Vista HP with 64-bit operating system. I’ve been waiting to download and install the Internet Explorer 9 official version because I just didn’t want to deal with more Internet Explorer half baked crap. Well, seems as though …

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Dec 03 2010

Netflix Tells DVD customers- Save Money and Stream it!

Everyone knows what Netflix is and what they do and HOW they do it [very well, by the way]. Netflix has been blazing a trail of success pixy dust for a while now. It’s almost like they came out of nowhere, like a no name fighter, took on Blockbuster [the champ] and beat the Hell …

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