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Microsoft is making the mistake with WebGL that Apple made with Adobe Flash

Microsoft has recently indicated that ‘basically’ they have no intentions of adopting WebGL for Internet Explorer. And I’m not able to help but think that they forget where they are… they’re on the downward slope of ‘…we need you’. I’m a fan of Mozilla Firefox, but it’s not to say that I’m oblivious to the …

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Netflix and Redbox Finally Kill Blockbuster

Rumors of Blockbuster operating in the red have been circulating throughout the Internet for the past couple of years, perhaps even more, but it seems Blockbuster has finally filed for bankruptcy – Chapter 11 voluntarily. As the movie studios stand in line waiting to get their money, Blockbuster still has plans to try to restructure …

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Lack of Filtering Options for Twitter – is a reason for leaving it.

The only reason you wouldn’t know about Twitter is if you live in a hole somewhere or had your head in the sand. Twitter is everywhere. TV, blogs, corporate websites and i’ve actually seen it on business cards. It’s popularity is huge right now and while it can informative, helpful and social, there’s always the …

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