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Oct 23 2012

Buying a Microsoft Surface is a gamble for both Microsoft and Customers

When you think about tablets, you have to understand that the greatest competition in the tablet market right now is the proliferation and saturation of the android operating system. There are so many manufacturers working with the android operating system it’s dizzying. Manufacturers can create newer versions of their tablets with newer features in their …

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May 26 2011

Techie Review: OmniPage Professional 18

If you are in enthusiast that’s driven on productivity and being organized; and doing things the smart way— document imaging is the way to go. Whether you’re applying document imaging at home or at work, it’s going to be of benefit to you at some point. As an individual who has been using document imaging …

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Mar 05 2011

WebGL in Chrome, Firefox and Opera – but not Internet Explorer

I was checking out the WebGL abilities today in Chrome, Opera and in Firefox. I was really impressed. It seems like such a leap from the rigid world of webpages we live in nowadays. To think that the capabilities of WebGL could be integrated with a standard webpage to provide a much more rich experience …

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Oct 20 2010

Serious Concern: Web Services vs. Bandwidth Caps

The discussion of bandwidth is still an issue, but although not so visible in the media. Many people are running in to these issues of bandwidth vs. all the web services they want to use… These bandwidth ‘hogs’, I believe, are on the breaking edge of using their Internet connection for everything they want to …

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Jan 01 2010

iPhone Stepping Closer To Being Outmoded

So how many iPhone users are out there were sweating the launch of DROID? Well you should be… your fancy iPhone is on it’s way out the door. [I hear the boo’s and hissing now] AND it’s not so much Apple’s fault… The iPhone is an excellent piece of hardware and it’s presentation and abilities …

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May 05 2009

SSD Manufactures keep Developing – Faster/Storage

As the race for the new HD model develops, the cool part is that it’s storage space. And as long as the developers can stick with the common file formats the different Operating System’s use then it should be fine. The SSD’s are going to be the future, but the end model/standards going to be …

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May 05 2009

Security Risk: Using Older Versions of Web Browsers

While some browse the internet with reckless abandon, I choose not to. I make the connection that those who [using Windows] are informed and make wise decisions are using Firefox from Mozilla as their current web browser; it’s updated often, it’s fast, it’s customizable, secure and free. You really can’t beat that. I’m not going …

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Apr 22 2009

Microsoft doesn’t want users to downgrade to XP

A piss poor and half baked Vista released to a audience with less and fair reception. Microsoft offered the option to downgrade to back to XP, but with Vista almost out the door and Windows 7 coming up faster than anyone assumed; there’s a good chance Microsoft doesn’t want users to downgrade back to XP. …

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Mar 09 2009

The 64-bit Count Down for Windows

For the past couple of years hardware manufacturers have been producing 64-bit systems. Microsoft produced a 64-bit version of Windows XP about seven years ago and for those poor bastards who actually loaded windows XP they realized that they were in a precarious situation because they were running an operating system that was not supported …

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Feb 21 2009

Netbook: Defacto Internet Appliance

While it may not be abundantly clear to everyone or if anyone has thought about it; what is the future of the Netbook? I really don’t understand where this Internet devices going. A couple of years ago we were creating laptops that had 17 inch monitors and they were fighting for hard drive space and …

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