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Feb 04 2013

How To Sync Documents From Paperport To Google Drive

The other day I ran into a situation while I was using Nuance PaperPort  and I needed to send the document very quickly over to Google drive.  I’m currently using version 14 professional,  and at the bottom of PaperPort there is typically a toolbar at the bottom allows you to drag-and-drop documents directly to specific …

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Jan 17 2011

Another Reason I like Android – app auto updates

The other day I was getting ready to work with a program and like [most] all Windows applications right when I was going to start the application, it reports ‘there’s a new version’. One of the nicest things to come out of the Smartphone world is the application auto-update function. It’s so refreshing from the …

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Aug 27 2010

New TRON: Legacy Poster–AWESOME

I’m a true uber-fan of TRON. I really can’t wait to see the new version, but at the same time I’m hope that the Hollywood boys don’t jack it up like TRANSFORMERS. Keeping in mind that TRON was made WAY before it’s time [1982]. No one understood it because no one understood computers. Now, everyone …

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May 28 2010

Adventure: Installing Windows 7 on Dell M60

Older systems don’t often like new operating systems, but there are exceptions. My experience with my Dell M60 was less than glamorous, but I was finally able to get Windows 7 installed. My installation was bumpy because there’s an issue with Microsoft installation/upgrade process. And while I do like hording information sometimes, this time I …

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May 05 2010

Review: Ubuntu 10.04 Simply Impressive Release

Ubuntu 10.04 has been released and the final release version of Ubuntu is impressive; more than I think I’ve ever seen. I can’t think of another time I’ve been more impressed with a release of Ubuntu; or any other Operating System for that matter. The distribution of Ubuntu is still 700mb; which staggers the mind …

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Feb 26 2010

Windows Live Writer: Creating a Custom Template

Windows Live Writer is due an update, but the Windows Live Writer team hasn’t announced any time frames as to when we might see the new version. And while Windows Live Writer 2009 is a great program for blogging, and especially the use of using themes as you’re composing the post, some times the program …

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Feb 01 2010

Microsoft Outlook Steals Performance

I’m not going to argue the point that Microsoft Outlook is a very popular email client, and it’s the most used, and desired, function of Microsoft Office, but I think at what cost are we using it? Microsoft Office/Outlook 2007 is not my email client of choice, but I’ve to use it at work. Every …

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Nov 23 2009

Techie Review: Nuance PaperPort 12 Professional

This is a ‘techie’ review of PaperPort 12 Professional. Meaning it’s a review coming from someone that’s used PaperPort for years and is familiar with company and private use of the application. This is not a regurgitation of corporate brochures and handouts telling you about a product. I’ve been using PaperPort since version 6; it …

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Oct 30 2009

Making the comparison: Replacing WinZIP with 7ZIP

Can everyone agree that ZIP is a standard now? I think it’s a standard now. It’s basic functionality was built in to the Windows XP Operating System; you could open ZIP [compressed] files without doing anything. I’ve an associate that absolutely swears by WinZIP. It’s the end all be all of file compression and all …

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May 13 2009

The Hard Drives of today are fossilizing right now…

With ever technology that we have or have ever produced the life cycle is the same. The technology is discovered, refined and refined until it seems like such a mundane act; ultimately the prices for these devices fall right out from under them. It seems the devices basically are just throw away items. And that’s …

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