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Oct 05 2016

Review: iVUE Horizon Pro 1080p HD Camera Glasses

A while back I got an opportunity to do a review on iVue’s Horizon Pro 1080p HD camera sports glasses. People who like to do activities like to be able to record themselves, but trying to record using a smartphone while doing activities is kind of difficult. IVue has come out with a pair of …

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Mar 04 2013

Are You Going To Look Too Goofy To Wear Google Glass?

The prospect of using Google Glass is very intriguing, but I wonder if people are actually going to be able to get past the stigma of looking goofy to have something like Google Glass on all the time.

Jul 18 2012

How HUD glasses are making the world nerdy…

I remember the days where wearing glasses was not the cool thing to do, but it looks as though times are changing as long as you’re keeping in step with technology. Google is now working on a project ‘project glass’; which is a pair of glasses that have a heads-up display in it, or HUD. …

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Aug 24 2009

Points fo interest for August 24th

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… Browsing: Year’s Best Optical Illusion: Scientific American Gallery http://tinyurl.com/mt4x9j [#] Browsing: High-Speed Robot Hand Demonstrates Dexterity and Skillful Manipulation | Hizook http://tinyurl.com/nbk4mt [#] Published Points fo interest for August 23rd I really… want to stop hearing about Michael Jackson like he was a god. TV show after tv …

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