Tag: Frustration

Apr 01 2013

How to convince your employer to let you work remotely

Barring the recent idiocy decision from Yahoo; there’s a growing trend for employers to allow for remote users. Some people refer to this as working from home, telecommuting or teleworking; basically the person doing the job is doing everything without having to physically go to the office. Some employees want to work from home to …

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Nov 01 2012

Commercials killed Hulu for me…

I’ve had a Roku for several months now and I’ve been very pleased with the device’s abilities to stream content from multiple resources and display them on my TV. One of the streaming sources that I had was Hulu. I actually had Netflix and Hulu, but I just canceled my Hulu account; and I’m not …

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Oct 30 2012

Roku Now Offers Universal Search Across Streaming Services

This past week, Roku came out with a nice new feature for their streaming devices. It allows the users to search across all the streaming services that you currently have. So if you don’t know if the TV or movie that you want to watch is on something like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon; this service …

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Jan 20 2010

Adobe Flash v10 Uses High CPU – and no answer.

Adobe flash is a web standard for creating highly interactive environments inside a web browser; covering everything from video to interactive games. Just about every website you go to nowadays utilizes Adobe’s flash player. And in addition to the lack of support for 64-bit systems, the latest version of Adobe flash utilizes CPU of the …

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Sep 11 2008

Web-Based Remote Desktop Support: TeamViewer

OMG!! It’s Friday night you chillin out from a long week of a whatever-hell you have to go through and loh-and-behold there’s a phone call, it’s your friend, you mom, your dad, a person that only calls you when their computer breaks. So normally you might be there, you might be within driving distance, but …

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