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AnyDVD: No More Free Upgrades

For all those who use Slysoft’s ANYDVD for your DVD reading needs, you need to know as of Jan 1st, 2009, the boys at Slysoft are changing their update policy. Previously they offered free upgrades for LIFE. This policy will still be upheld for purchase before Jan 1st, but after that, if you purchase ANYDVD …

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Because Nuance won’t; How to install Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 on Vista 64

A couple weeks ago, I posted an article about Nuance and the fact it has completely ignored the customers with Windows 64 bit operating systems. Periodically, I’ve been checking this ‘Knowledge base’ article to see if there’s any progress, and mostly it’s in vain. From the Nuance website: http://knowledgebase.nuance.com/view.asp?60VQ=JLJG&5d7r4B=iv56n%20JH

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