Tag: Free Software

Mar 15 2012

‘Disc-to-Digital’ — you’re kidding right?

Media companies are the worst when it comes to being progressive with technology. Using a few short examples, DVD shrink and RealDVD are just two packages of software that were shut down by the media industry as forms of pirating; this is back in 2008. The problem the media companies had with software packages like …

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Dec 13 2010

10 Things To Protect You While Shopping Online

Shopping online has its own threats. Shopping online has the benefit of removing the risk of you not getting your leg broken or getting trampled trying to get into the local Wal-Mart, but something worse can happen to online shoppers, which is getting your credit card stolen or having your identity stolen; placing you in …

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Feb 19 2010

Review: Nuance’s FREE PDF Reader

From my standpoint, Nuance would be the last company I would see that would be offering a free product to the public, even more so a FREE PDF reader, but they have; they’ve come out with their own PDF viewer for FREE. The installation file is 18mb. It’s a MSI file, just double-click the file …

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Jul 23 2009

iPhone 3GS Encryption Is Basically ‘Useless’

Its apparent that with a very creative coding, or access to an insecure computer, the iPhone can be cracked wide open. An Apple expert and hacker has shown that the iPhone, in all its various forms and moltings, is child’s play to compromise. This comes despite assurances from Apple regarding the 3GS’s encryption feature. Whether …

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