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Dec 15 2010

5 Free Options for Online Backups

Having an off-site backup is a great idea in response to a situation where your PC could die on you. A lot of people don’t have the forethought to think about all their videos and pictures and important documents were being stored on the computers, and don’t think ahead enough to purchase an external hard …

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Oct 11 2010

Review: Avast! Anti-virus

Having antivirus software installed on your PC is just second nature now. It doesn’t really matter which operating system that you’re using, you really need to have some sort of antivirus software installed on your system just in case a new virus gets released into the wild. You never know when a malicious virus is …

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Oct 30 2009

Making the comparison: Replacing WinZIP with 7ZIP

Can everyone agree that ZIP is a standard now? I think it’s a standard now. It’s basic functionality was built in to the Windows XP Operating System; you could open ZIP [compressed] files without doing anything. I’ve an associate that absolutely swears by WinZIP. It’s the end all be all of file compression and all …

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