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Dec 09 2011

Twitter is just a dead bird to me…

Image via CrunchBase Twitter is one of those phenomenons that seems to be very valuable to a demographic of people the have a level of narcissism and enjoy every point and opportunity to post everything of their life onto Twitter. Anyone who has a Twitter account created it for specific reason, but created a Twitter …

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Oct 09 2009

Lack of Filtering Options for Twitter – is a reason for leaving it.

The only reason you wouldn’t know about Twitter is if you live in a hole somewhere or had your head in the sand. Twitter is everywhere. TV, blogs, corporate websites and i’ve actually seen it on business cards. It’s popularity is huge right now and while it can informative, helpful and social, there’s always the …

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Oct 13 2008

Review: Screamer Radio

For those who know me, I really like the travel programs [USB jumpdrives] and simplistic applications that do what they do & do very well. I’ve been watching this freeware program for a while now and the author seems to really making some good progress with his efforts to make a simplistic stream lined person …

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