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Mar 17 2010

Use Mozilla Firefox’s Sidebar Option

Firefox has lots of neat plug-ins, but if you don’t require them and can get the same result with something more standard; it nice because it uses less resources and less resources typically mean a faster system. A lot of people know you can drag URLs from the address bar to shortcut bar in Firefox, …

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Mar 15 2010

Download: Rapportive – Social Plug-in For Gmail

When I don’t have to write access to my Thunderbird, with the plug-in for SocialMail, I like to utilize Firefox with the plug-in called Rapportive. It’s a plug-in for Firefox and chrome that replaces the ads in Gmail with user specific information and biographic information. It links up with Facebook, linked in, and other social …

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Feb 16 2010

Windows Live Writer 2009: Firefox v3.6+ BLOG THIS

It’s no secret that the developers from Microsoft for Windows Live Writer and the BLOG THIS plug-in for Firefox haven’t been keeping up with demand from the public. It’s been over a year since the plug-in was updated. As you read through the reviews of the plug-in and you can see it’s just being completely …

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Feb 10 2010

Extensions: What Mozilla could learn from Google

For being such a young browser and to be forced in the competition so quickly, Chrome as done well to hold it’s ground, it’s also collected a fan club of it’s own. The browser did very well in security tests and continues to impress in the speed arena; making the Internet experience faster. But one …

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Jan 16 2010


It’s no secret, I have absolutely no love for Internet Explorer [I don’t care which version], but with the latest advisement by Germany, it’s showing huge impacts on the credibility of the Microsoft browser. It was only months ago that the US government was asking NOT to use Internet Explorer. And now they’re telling you… …

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Nov 30 2009

LEHSYS Report – November 2009

November was a big month in the terms of traffic. It was a disappointing month in terms of performance of adverts. I can’t say that I was too happy with the advert providers and it may not be their fault, but when you look at the traffic being up and adverts performance being lower that …

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Nov 30 2009

So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.

I wonder when I see the stats on the usage of the most popular browser on the planet and shockingly it keeps coming back Internet Explorer; it’s simply staggering. I’ve inquired with many sites about their trends. Some websites offer their stats right out there on the cuff; you can see everything- all kinds of …

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Nov 18 2009

Easier Browsing: Try Using the ZOOM Function!

This is a short post, but a valid point. As any user out there on the web, you’ve your monitor set for something like 1680 or higher, and you’ve your fast computer and everything is just hunky-dory, but the confusing part is that most sites are only created to handle or work with 1280; that’s …

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Nov 16 2009

Download: Firefox Add-on – AutoPager

Firefox is an Internet browser that keeps it’s popularity by it’s extensibility and every once in a while you find one of the those extensions/add-ons that need to be integrated in to the browser itself. How many times have you been browsing the web, searching through page after page, hitting NEXT for the next page, …

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Nov 09 2009

Be Nice: Microsoft.com still doesn’t like Firefox

I understand the concept of wanting to protect your product and self-preservation, but where’s the adherement to web standards? Why can’t you just understand there are standards and everything needs to work through a browser. And because a person chooses to use a browser other than Internet Explorer they should not suffer a penalty.   …

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