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Sep 24 2010

Google To Release Chrome v28 In Just Two Years!

Microsoft just released their latest version of Internet Explorer, version 9 Beta. I can remember a few years back when Firefox was releasing versions of their browser are quick basis just to get to the point where it equaled that of Internet Explorer. Google’s Chrome is the newest Web browser on the market, it’s roughly …

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Sep 03 2010

Windows Live Writer Gallery Overhaul Coming

It’s all about the plug-ins. If Microsoft has learned nothing else from Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, it’s the fact that plug-ins make or break an application. I received an email several days ago and it said that all existing plug-ins and NEW plug-ins are going to have to go through a new process to post …

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Jul 14 2010

Adobe Flash Deserves To Be Fragged

Adobe has been on my crap list for a while. Adobe Flash is unbearably slow, it drags my performance of my PC down to crawl. I ensure my PC is updated on a regular basis and I apply the patches when they release them, but all it ever seems to do is get worse. I’ve …

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Jun 28 2010

Google Chrome’s Fast Version Numbers

It’s been a fascinating ascension for the version control of Google’s Chrome. It was only two years ago [basically] that Google released their own browser. So, basically in two years Chrome has gone from beta to v6. That’s actually pretty impressive in the world of program development and version control. If you look at Firefox …

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May 24 2010

Ubuntu 10.04: Installing Adobe Flash Refined

The previous version of Ubuntu was plagued by the issue of not being compatible with Adobe Flash right out of the box. Let me rephrase that, it had plenty of issues where people couldn’t install Adobe Flash and use it on Ubuntu. And I didn’t see it as a flaw of Ubuntu solely, but it …

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