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Finding An Alternative To Paperport 12

I couple of weeks ago, I did a review on the latest version of Paperport v12 Professional. I was reviewing the product as anyone would if they were looking to apply it in the corporate environment or at home; what did it do? How did it do it and was it easy enough to use. …

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Does having NO cell phone = Bad employee?

I’ve to wonder right now, with everything that’s going on, and what’s considered standard perception by an employer. When I was growing up there was no cell phone and the ones that were around, were the size of a brick [an most looked like one]. As technology has progressed, and cell phones are no longer …

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Outlook: INBOX spelled backwards is a step forward.

When I think of Microsoft Outlook, I think of a PIM, Email, tasks and calendar, but at the same time I think it’s bloated, not flexible enough a memory hog and the search functions are sorely lacking. When you’re working with lots of information in one place you need to be able to get to …

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