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Nov 16 2016

Blocking BS News starts at the browser level, at least for Google Chrome – BS Detector

On the heels of the post-presidential election, arguably one of the most stunning upsets in American history, people have become angry with websites that spread misinformation or flat out lies. In my previous article, I mentioned that Facebook and Google are going to be making efforts to try to weed out fake news. But the …

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Jan 27 2011

Mozilla Thunderbird: Managing Your Inbox

Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client favorite of mine, and it’s flexibility with the addition of plugins, makes it king with me. But you can’t beat the raw ability of being able to organize all the e-mails that are being presented to your inbox. Having the ability to automatically organize this information as soon as …

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Jan 14 2010

That’s Odd: US to circumvent other countries censorship security measures?

I was reading the article on how Obama approves of what Google is doing in response to the filtering and the security breaches, but what I read was eye catching. It says basically that the US is going to help citizens in other countries get around that countries filtering technology, so they can see other …

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Jul 25 2009

Get 40% better gas mileage from your car

I found this article and thought it was so cool. I’m not going to do anything, but show the highlights. …If you could spend $208 on a small device that fitted to your car engine, saving you up to 40 percent on your gas consumption, the earth from pollution, and which also gave your car …

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May 04 2009

TWC: Overages- Not Charged Until You Sign Up to be Monitored…

Time Warner Cable is agreeably the worst Internet provider right now. They’re practicing old dial-up and metering services for Internet service. In the locations where TWC is ‘beta testing’ this new method of billing customer’s they have this online metering service that informs the customer how much surfing they have left before they start using …

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Feb 11 2009

The Reasons to Hate Your ISP

In the early days of the Internet, you had no choice on your type of connection. The only connection to the outside world was through dial up communications. Once the genie was let out of the bottle, the general population found out they could do research, download songs, get the news, download recipes, weather and …

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Dec 30 2008

It’s Internet Explorer, but not…

 While it’s no secret that I have a great distain for Internet Explorer, it doesn’t mean that I can remove it from my everyday life. The boneheads from work that says that I have to use Internet Explorer to do my job, and knowing that it’s the most insecure browser, and the slowest, doesn’t make …

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Dec 01 2008

Let there be Free WiFi Access…it’s coming.

Some of the best news to hit the Internet pertains to the FCC’s goal of allowing/providing free WiFi access to the Internet. The major cable companies such as Comcast, Time Warner, Qwest, and many others stand to lose a lot of money in the establishment of providing free Internet service for everyone. But these companies …

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Sep 02 2008

Google’s Chrome Browser – Review

Google released it’s new browser today. The browser is an instant hit with DIGG’rs as I expected. For this review/test I did all this on VISTA [argh] PC, AMD 64bit, 4gb mem and 8200 video card. The browser installation is fast and painless. I was surprised at the lack of questions about the installation; I …

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