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Jul 12 2012

AutoHotKey: Tracking Packages Quick

Do you run in to situations on a regular basis where you have to track packages, update customers and make sure equipment arrives on time? And does your company have an antiquated system to handle those types of situations? If you said yes to those, you might like this… AutoHotKey continues to be one of …

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Sep 01 2009

Rummages from Internet for September 1st

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at… Intelligence is very important- It’s a state of being. Often we are reminded of how important it is… ’cause some have it, some don’t. [lehenryjr] AT&T Sucks! They aren’t going to have our phone/Internet svc hooked up for 5 days. They don’t even come out to verify it’s …

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Jan 10 2009

Hybrid Powered Savings

While it’s nice to have gas prices low right now, they’re going to go back up. And while everyone with gas guzzlers are taking a $40 a week raise [from not having to pay for gas], those hurtful days are going to come back and when they do they are going to probably be worse …

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Dec 05 2008

Webpage Resolutions and the Wasted Space

When PC’s first came out they were large and they had these monochrome black and green screens [or b/w], but the screens were small and cramped. As time when on, it was updated to 16 bit color, and then millions of colors and then there was the race to kill the CRT and make the …

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