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Blocking BS News starts at the browser level, at least for Google Chrome – BS Detector

On the heels of the post-presidential election, arguably one of the most stunning upsets in American history, people have become angry with websites that spread misinformation or flat out lies. In my previous article, I mentioned that Facebook and Google are going to be making efforts to try to weed out fake news. But the …

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Fake News Sites Are Going To Be Punished

At least 50% of America is unhappy with the latest US elections. Some people are extremely excited about having a Donald Trump presidency while the other half are unanimously disgusted. The overall consensus in America is that the two choices that we had for president were not good; it was like having to choose between …

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YAHOO! Endorsing Fraud

I’ve been seeing these ads for making tons of money with Google. And apparently all you’ve to do is submit some links to Google from Google; sounds odd. Why does Google need users to submit links to Google.. and then pay people for it. Doesn’t make sense, but yet people are buying in to this …

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