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Sep 11 2013

Welcome 4K And 8K Ultra High-definition TVs, But Not Anytime Soon

Have you seen the advertisements for the ultra high-definition TVs yet? It’s amazing to think that someone is going to rush out and purchase a 60 inch ultra high-definition TV for roughly $6000. It’s staggering. That equates to roughly $1000 for every 10 inches of viewable ultrahigh definition display. Most people are perfectly happy with …

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May 24 2013

Don’t let Google make you stupid

More and more I find myself in situations where I’m completely dependent upon my smart phone. I hate to say that having a smartphone is making me stupid, but the simple fact is, if I have my smart phone, I know that I don’t have to remember pieces of information and therefore I consider the …

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Mar 04 2013

Are You Going To Look Too Goofy To Wear Google Glass?

The prospect of using Google Glass is very intriguing, but I wonder if people are actually going to be able to get past the stigma of looking goofy to have something like Google Glass on all the time.

Nov 09 2012

Is Microsoft making other hardware manufacturers upset over Microsoft Surface?

It’s very interesting that Microsoft has decided to get into the hardware game. Interesting because, primarily, Microsoft has been a software company relying on hardware manufacturers to facilitate a complete presentation of a PC. Apple has been the company that’s always been striving to marry the software with the hardware, in one package, controlling the …

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Dec 18 2009

Xobni for Thunderbird [early with SOCIALMAIL]

Xobni has come on the scene like gang busters providing what seems a basic function that been should’ve been there and has been over looked for so long. It’s the perfect email client data miner. Xobni has exclusively developed for Outlook. Microsoft must really be loving that the Xobni crew is putting so much effort …

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Nov 30 2009

Download: Rapido Farmer

If you’re a FARM TOWN fanatic, then your going to love this! If you wished Farm Town was a little easier, it can be and is now. With Rapido Farmer no more clicking and no more playing because your carpal tunnel is acting up. With Rapido Farmer you use the keys on your keyboard to …

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Sep 04 2009

Why I’m not going Blue-Ray DVD for PC

It’s common knowledge that blue-ray is the largest DVD size we have right now and the amount of data we can place on those disc are 10x better than a traditional DVD, but I ask why? And I answer with because I don’t need to [and you don’t need to]. It was only a few …

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