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Sep 25 2012

iPhone 5 users looking to switch to an Android- It’s Understandable.

Are you in the crowd of people that continue to be unimpressed by the iPhone.  Most can back up enough to say that I understand the iPhone set the standard for what a smart phone is, but beyond that, the execution and handling of the iPhone has been something that I just think is horrible. …

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Jan 19 2012

Humor: Fun with Google and SOPA

Google is one of those wonderful tools that if you ask it a question it tries to predict the question; ones that people have posed thousands of times before. So, I went to ask Google; ‘SOPA is…’ And all these are correct… except ‘passed’. This just goes to show how hard Google is working for …

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Oct 31 2011

Just Noticed: Lexmark Genesis s815 wi-fi MFM Device

I saw my first MFM device the other day that uses a camera to scan images in to your computer. I saw that there’s been discussions people using cameras to scan and OCR documents, but this was the first I have actually seen on the shelves. It was the Lexmark Genesis. Initially The Lexmark Genesis …

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Sep 15 2011

Free Place for demos and presentations with FREESCREENSHARING.COM

I received an email notifying me of this new service that allows for desktop sharing for demos and presentations, for FREE. I like to see what free offers from time to time. I didn’t notice any pop-ups, banners or intrusions during the session that I was using. This service is free; a very simple account …

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Aug 31 2011

Facebook Counters Google+ with on ‘privacy inline’

I don’t know the exact visiting records of Facebook, but I know that from the reports from the web, Google+ has been showing a burst of activity; its showing rapid growth… And with how Google+ is rolling out some of there services, it’s no wonder. They’ve been taking the best parts of Twitter and Facebook …

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Feb 14 2011

Digg Comes Full Circle; should BURY itself.

A few months ago the social news website Digg was one of my favorite websites to visit and then they changed their design, function and overall feel for the entire site. Because of this design change and fundamental change in operation, the site was criticized, scolded and confound near abandoned. The launch of the new …

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Nov 30 2010

Windows Live Writer 2011 NEW Plug-in Website Launched

The new Windows live writer plug-ins website has been launched and the interface is absolutely atrocious. For a company like Microsoft to be so entrenched in technology and be pushing things that should be revolutionary in presentation, the thoughtfulness and operation of this new website is absolutely horrible. With the old website you had the …

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Nov 05 2009

Twitter LISTS: Good Idea… And Deserves The Title BETA

Who knows where Twitter is going; I don’t, but it has lacked organization for a while now. No filtering, not easy block people, not easy to report abusers and now they’ve released a ‘LIST’. Twitter Lists, it’s a good idea, but so far bad execution. I follow a bunch of people [a bunch for me] …

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May 07 2009

Download: Windows Live Writer – For offline bloggers.

When you’re in the business of issuing a blog post one of the nicest things you can have is a tool that will facilitate and make possible the task of entering your information easily, and eloquently, being able to format the information without having to go to a lot of gyrations to present it to …

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