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Nov 13 2012

Voice-recognition: Understanding more than just spoken words

Voice to text recognition is like one of those magical functions that no ones using yet. I’m a big user of voice recognition. I like to try to use it as much as possible. Not so much as to control my PC, but purely for the value of the dictation. For the last 6 years, …

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Jul 26 2010

Nuance Contemplating Dragon NaturallySpeaking Application For Android

Back in December Nuance gave away, in a surprise move, Dragon NaturallySpeaking free to the iPhone users. I don’t have an iPhone, because I think Apple is walking them selves right out of the smartphone market. But I was automatically eager to have the Dragon NaturallySpeaking application for the Android. In my early conversations [January …

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Apr 03 2010

iPad Gets Voice Recognition From Nuance

With all the buzz about Apple releasing their new iPad, it’s reinforcing my opinion that textbooks in schools should be replaced with devices like this. There’s a lot of criticism about the device itself; how useful is it? Those type questions can only be entered by the people who are actually using it… you can …

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Dec 16 2009

AnDROID gets Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

ANDROID has voice recognition from Google built right in to the Operating System for DROID, but the recognition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is far greater than Google at this point. UPDATE : 02/08/2011 http://www.lehsys.com/2011/02/android-finally-gets-dragon-naturallyspeaking-as-the-flext9-application/ So one of the very first questions that hit my mind was after the iPhone was provided Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and I understood …

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