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Jul 09 2013

FileBot is the perfect partner for Plex Media Server

The other day I was just mentioning about how much I really enjoyed using Plex media server. Plex media server is really good at going through your existing media and doing a discovery on it to see what they actually are. This applies to music and videos/movies, but to make Plex even more accurate at …

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Dec 21 2012

Facebook finally adds drag-and-drop for uploading images

As Facebook rages on to chip away at any personal privacy on online with their service, they continue to make small incremental changes to the service to simplify for their members to use it; to get more images in to the system. I have used other applications in the past that allow you to right-click …

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May 18 2012

Review: ShareMouse

At certain points in situations in dealing with IT issues or being in an IT department you quickly understand how important it is to be able to get information from point A to point B in the most conveniently possible. Most IT departments are very well-versed in the usefulness of what a KVM is; it’s …

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Oct 05 2011

Hanging out with Google+ Hangouts

As a lot of users have, I’ve been messing around with Google+ and all the little features it offers, and I have to say I really like the Google+ Hangouts, but it’s not without some issues, but being able to easily and quickly do a video chat with someone is awesome. Even having chats with …

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Sep 08 2011

Mozilla Thunderbird Plug-in: Follow Up

One of the most attractive things about Thunderbird is the extensions that can be loaded to expand it’s ability to gain something that the base application doesn’t have innately. I believe everyone has had a need to be able to right-click and say remind me about this later. It seems like such an obvious thing …

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Feb 09 2011

Techie Review: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus HD

I did a review of Windows Live Movie Maker a while back and my initial review of the Windows Live Movie Maker application may have been overly generous [a bit]. Being a techie kind of person, I started using Windows Live Movie Maker, got to know it really well, to a point of fault; I …

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Oct 27 2010

How to use FLV files with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

I hate the idea of having to convert data to be able to use it with Windows Live Movie Maker, but that’s what most people will tell you to do; including Microsoft forum support. And technically the support technicians would be correct. They even have a page that supports that fact. They’ve a page they …

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Sep 28 2010

How to: Import MOV Files In To Windows Live Movie Maker [easy]

I’m finally getting back around to a problem that I was having with Windows Live Movie Maker not being able to work with QuickTime movie files [MOV]. Windows Live Movie Maker is still in the beta phase and hasn’t been officially released to the public, a release candidate is expected to be released soon. A …

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Nov 04 2009

Personal Information Manager: MyNotesKeeper

As your going about your daily life, there’s lots of thing you wish you had to keep track of it all and this was my problem about 4 years ago and then I found MyNotesKeeper. I posted an article about it last year, but it’s getting better, the author has been [within the last few …

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