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Feb 26 2010

Windows Live Writer: Creating a Custom Template

Windows Live Writer is due an update, but the Windows Live Writer team hasn’t announced any time frames as to when we might see the new version. And while Windows Live Writer 2009 is a great program for blogging, and especially the use of using themes as you’re composing the post, some times the program …

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Nov 18 2009

Easier Browsing: Try Using the ZOOM Function!

This is a short post, but a valid point. As any user out there on the web, you’ve your monitor set for something like 1680 or higher, and you’ve your fast computer and everything is just hunky-dory, but the confusing part is that most sites are only created to handle or work with 1280; that’s …

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Nov 02 2009

Pirating Windows 7; nothing changes.

It’s no surprise that the pirating of Windows 7 is just so obsessive right now. Microsoft Vista was such a disastrous release. Microsoft release Vista thinking it would be the answer to XP and it was just the opposite. I wouldn’t really buy a Windows 7 Key from EBay and I wouldn’t buy a copy …

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Oct 14 2009

Firefox Add-on: SmarterFox

Making Firefox that much easier to use a common goal of everyone. I found this plug-in and I like how it works. The basics of it are that when you double click a word(s) the terms can be searched by a quick popup window. I thas some social and search functions from the popup that …

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Oct 12 2009

Download: COPYPATH

For all you advanced IT Administrator/Consultant guru’s out there, your going to love this little gem. How many times have you found yourself having to manually type in a path to a file? A lot – I know- been there and felt that. CopyPath is a shell extension that copies the full path names of …

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