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Video Chat: Income Tax Preparation is a cool idea

One of the more interesting things that people are being introduced to this year is the processing of the taxes using the computer. The past couple of years processing income tax with the Internet has been commonplace, but this year H&R Block has raised the bar on processing income taxes with the computer. In a …

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Remote Desktop: CrossLoop

With as many people I deal with on a regular basis that have computer issues, I wanna keep my options open. Now I am not a full time tech [nor do I play one on TV], but I more than the average knockle-head. Which make me popular when a PC or laptop dies. I once …

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Web-Based Remote Desktop Support: TeamViewer

OMG!! It’s Friday night you chillin out from a long week of a whatever-hell you have to go through and loh-and-behold there’s a phone call, it’s your friend, you mom, your dad, a person that only calls you when their computer breaks. So normally you might be there, you might be within driving distance, but …

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