Tag: Dependence

Jun 12 2012

‘Cloud’ Storage and my 3 concerns

For the past couple of years everything ‘new’ has been about the development of the ‘cloud’. The new operating systems from Apple and Microsoft are going to integrate cloud storage as a primary function to the operating system. I understand the function that cloud storage can provide, but my overall opinion of cloud storage is …

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Jun 01 2010

The Break-up: Google Dumps Microsoft

In a stunning move by Google this week, they’ve decided to replace Microsoft as the primary Operating System for the company. Almost on cue with another story I recently posted, but Microsoft losing it’s influence in the market; Google is on a mission to drive Microsoft in to the proverbial ground. And what better way …

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Sep 01 2009

Google Servers went down.. the sky is falling!

It’s a big event when Google mail goes down. How does one do anything on the Internet without Google? There’s a huge dependence on Google to be there. Email, video, temp storage and so on. They provide so many services. Email is just a small portion, people use it for everything; interfacing with a slew …

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