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Mar 27 2013

Keeping Your Files Organized To Increase Productivity


Business filing has come a long way since the boxes of paper invoices and stacks of project notes of the past. These days, many businesses have moved to a purely digital format, a fact that’s especially true for companies who work in the digital arena, like web designers and developers. Although digital filing has the …

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Aug 17 2009

Making a decision on data storage

For the common user, I think this is the most puzzling time to be buying a PC or a laptop and trying to decide on storage. Even for seasoned IT guys this can be a ‘roll of the dice’ type time on system storage. And this post is really for the general population I deal …

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May 13 2009

The Hard Drives of today are fossilizing right now…


With ever technology that we have or have ever produced the life cycle is the same. The technology is discovered, refined and refined until it seems like such a mundane act; ultimately the prices for these devices fall right out from under them. It seems the devices basically are just throw away items. And that’s …

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