Tag: Dangerous Precedent

Oct 31 2012

Creating a new website account— check the EULA for ‘perfect security’

There was an article that surfaced last week on Ars Technica that talked about the breach of security from Sony; the Sony PlayStation network last year. What’s happening there is amazing. Basically, the ruling is that Sony is not liable for damages because they didn’t promise ‘perfect security’. I think this sets a dangerous precedent …

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Jan 09 2012

SOPA is bad, but what Iran is doing is worse

I haven’t said much in regards to the new legislation is trying to go to Congress right now called SOPA; it stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. The proposed legislation has been highly controversial and there’s a lot of opposition towards the proposed legislation. Mixing technology and politics is not something that I normally do …

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Jun 09 2010

Dangerous Precedent: Linking Is Illegal

Based on a ruling just handed down, this is very bad and very dangerous. Anyone that runs a website or blog should be concerned about this. Everyone links to stuff; it’s a ‘web’. And where you may observe it with only a passing concern, someone else may deem it illegal. I’m not discussing the content …

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