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Dec 10 2011

Amazon Attacks Brick-And-Mortar -In their own Stores

In a surprising move, that’s not really that surprising, but is now actually being used as a marketing campaign; Amazon is now encouraging customers; they’re requesting potential customers to utilize their proprietary bar-code-scanning application to assist in the collection intelligence on in-store pricing. It’s EVIL, and genius! And it has Brick-And-Mortar stores in a full …

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Nov 06 2010

Hotmail Offers New HTTPS – Late.

Everyone should’ve an expectation of privacy on the web, but that simply isn’t he case; not everything is secure, nor encrypted. Yesterday, Hotmail decides they’re going to do this monumental thing for USERS and make Hotmail more secure out of the goodness of their heart; erm— no. It’s not that in actuality, it’s a show …

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Aug 23 2010

Composing: Spelling, Grammar and More

Three years ago, I started using a program to help me deal with text I was typing repetitively. That’s when I actually started getting more into what helpers were out there in the composition of documents and emails. It’s important to save time to get other things done, and if you’re not constantly examining what …

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Apr 23 2010

Microsoft Internet Explorer – Why Do You Even Bother?

Internet Explorer is just a disgusting example of what a browser should be and what it should do… It should be safe, secure, fast and compliant with current standards. All these words mean nothing to Internet Explorer. Why is Microsoft still in this ‘race‘ anyway? They’re losing ground on every point of what an Internet …

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Jun 03 2009

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 beta 2: Not trendy enough

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 [shredder] is still in Beta. I download the beta yesterday and I just am not impressed with anything they’re pumping out. They’re making a lot of corrections and the bugs they’ve corrected is extensive, but where’s the functionality? A lot of users are loyal to Thunderbird and 3 years ago it was …

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