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Dec 07 2010

Can You Handle Digsby with Ads?

A couple of days ago Digsby posted a blog update about their ongoing struggles with programming, but also to slightly push the box a bit with adding ads at the bottom of the Instant Messenger Windows; not the buddy list. The advertisements are optional— yes, I said optional. And how they’re doing this, I believe …

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Dec 06 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010: How To Get Email Reminders [Free]

Microsoft Office 2010 is out and it has some a nice new feature for mobile notifications. Anyone who’s job is built around meetings, appointments and to-do lists really doesn’t mind having a little help to keep track of all that… When I found the new section I was excited. I thought, wow, I can finally …

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Sep 03 2010

Windows Live Writer Gallery Overhaul Coming

It’s all about the plug-ins. If Microsoft has learned nothing else from Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, it’s the fact that plug-ins make or break an application. I received an email several days ago and it said that all existing plug-ins and NEW plug-ins are going to have to go through a new process to post …

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Feb 19 2010

An Example: How Poor Customer Support Kills a Good Product

You’ve got this awesome thing; this product, and you think it’s awesome and then one day you’ve a question, or if you’ve a problem, you’ve got to contact support. You’ve to contact a manufacturer, or a support line somewhere, and when you do it absolutely destroys your conceptions of your product/service. I think everyone has …

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Jun 09 2009

Google AdSense suspends LEHSYS for being attacked

Yesterday, was a rare occurrence. I normally get a steady amount of traffic on my website and it’s pretty consistent with day a to day operations. But yesterday, I received 5000+ hits on my website; that’s 400% better than the average day. It’s also suspicious. While I didn’t quite understand the issue, GOOGLE AdSense has …

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