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Feb 10 2012

Review: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island [Nope.]

When you have young children, you know; you just have to accept that there’s going to be things that you don’t want to do and there’s going to be movies that you don’t want to see. Because my son is only six years old he’s attracted to all the traditional kid shows and movies that …

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Nov 17 2010

Transformer Movies: More Computer Rendering and Less Live Actors

I need to start this off with a disclaimer that I’m a massive Transformers fan. I’ve love Transformers since I was a kid. I’ve over a hundred of them, including Fortress Maximus [the prize of the Transformers line]. My son is five, and he’s loved Transformers since he was still in diapers, but this is …

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Oct 27 2010

DVD Review: Superman & Batman Apocalypse – Awesome

This is an animated movie, going straight to DVD and how sad to, this was a great movie. While this movie is animated, it’s NOT meant for the young kid’sters to watch alone; this is definitely PG13. This has a solid adult audience in mind; made for some really die hard fans of Batman and …

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Aug 07 2009

Review – G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

I just got back from going to watch the opening weekend viewing of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and I have to say I’m completely disappointed in the execution of this movie. I was so completely put out by the performances of the actors that played in the movie. I didn’t care for any …

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