Tag: Composition

Nov 07 2012

Thunderbird Plug-in: MRC Compose – Cool add-on

Do you use Mozilla Thunderbird and not like the way you address emails to others as your composing? I was checking out the new plug-ins for Thunderbird the other day and I noticed there’s a new plug-in called ‘MRC compose’… If you’re a longtime fan of Microsoft outlook or if you’re transitioning to another email …

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Oct 30 2012

Techie Review: eM Client 4 – Great and Improving

I’ve been a long-time user of Mozilla Thunderbird. I think the application is really good as a base email client. One of the great features about Mozilla Thunderbird is the extensibility of the application with the addition of some add-ons; you can make the email client do just about anything. Customizing the email client do …

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Jan 19 2012

Humor: Fun with Google and SOPA

Google is one of those wonderful tools that if you ask it a question it tries to predict the question; ones that people have posed thousands of times before. So, I went to ask Google; ‘SOPA is…’ And all these are correct… except ‘passed’. This just goes to show how hard Google is working for …

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Sep 13 2010

Problem: Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Live Writer 2011

If you’re using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Live Writer 2011 you’ll notice a new problem with the latest release of the Windows Live Writer beta. The specific problem is that with every new sentence, every new phrase, in every new set of words or corrections that you make; everything begins with the capitalization. this wasn’t …

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Sep 13 2010

New Zemanta Plug-in Crashes/Breaks Windows Live Writer 2011

I’ve been attempting to use the Zemanta in Windows Live Writer for the past couple of weeks and everything seems be going fairly okay, but recently I’ve been experiencing problems with Zemanta. Zemanta provides a plug-in for Windows live writer to assist the blog author in the composition of their new post. It offers suggestive, …

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Sep 09 2010

Zemanta: Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.3 > No Longer Supported

I was surprised today to find out that Zemanta no longer has a working plug-in for Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Although the plug-in is still listed under Mozilla’s plug-in gallery, you can’t install the plug-in into Thunderbird; it reports that the plug-in is not compatible. Recently there was news that Zemanta updated their plug-in for Windows Live …

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Aug 23 2010

Composing: Spelling, Grammar and More

Three years ago, I started using a program to help me deal with text I was typing repetitively. That’s when I actually started getting more into what helpers were out there in the composition of documents and emails. It’s important to save time to get other things done, and if you’re not constantly examining what …

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Feb 26 2010

Windows Live Writer: Creating a Custom Template

Windows Live Writer is due an update, but the Windows Live Writer team hasn’t announced any time frames as to when we might see the new version. And while Windows Live Writer 2009 is a great program for blogging, and especially the use of using themes as you’re composing the post, some times the program …

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Oct 28 2009

Screenshot Tour of Windows Live Writer 2009

I was thinking the other day about Windows Live Writer and the fact it’s a great program and it’s surprisingly from Microsoft. It’s interesting though as you’re making a decision about offline blogging programs you almost always have to download and install the program to see what’s actually being offered and this is [to me] …

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