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May 18 2012

Comcast and Skype: Making the video conferencing standard

Almost a year ago I posted an article about Microsoft purchasing Skype [roughly $8 billion]. I still think that Microsoft only purchased Skype for their customer base, and while I think there still needs to be a standard for video conferencing protocols, the way standards established themselves is by whoever is the most popular; it …

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Feb 15 2012

No doubt: Video Chat standards are finally being discussed

Back in June of last year, I was discussing the point that video chat protocols were a mess and that there needs to be a standard. Anyone with video chat should be able to go from [say] Skype to a Google+ hangout, or use WebEx. And to reiterate: ‘…The way I see it, there’s nothing …

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Oct 20 2011

Give customers what they want: VOD and à la Carte


’500 channels with nothing on’ has been a long-standing joke since I was a kid. It’s simply amazing that the cable companies make customers buy packages of channels simply because a customer asks for a specific channel. For example, if someone asks for the science channel, that customer has to purchase a package of 15 …

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Oct 13 2011

Voice recognition; and the computers that can talk back

One of the biggest, most aggressive, pushes for voice recognition is going on RIGHT NOW. The big boys like Nuance, Google and Microsoft are on the verge of making this world something out of Star Trek. I believe everyone has dreams of being able to ask a computer a question and then have it give …

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Oct 13 2011

How close is Google+ Hangouts to killing Skype?

Now that Microsoft has Skype, I guess the question is how close is Google+ to killing off Skype as the main form or service used to communicate with other people. I think you have to look at services that Skype offers. Skype has functions for making phone calls, doing video chats, sharing desktops and doing …

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Jun 21 2011

Video Chat/Calling Requires a standard protocol

Video chat is becoming more and more popular and the fact is that there’s no standard right now for it; everyone is coming up with their own protocol for doing video chat— everyone saying and thinking that their version is better. It may be, but there needs to be a standard in video chat. I …

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Jun 21 2011

Get ready for ‘Skype me later!’


After you heard the news of Microsoft buying Skype, you immediately think, ‘it’s going to the crap house’ or it’s going to be another LIVE application, part of MSN Messenger— and your probably right in some respects, but I heard the news that Comcast is going in to business with Skype… That’s a MUCH smarter …

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Jun 21 2011

ISP bandwidth Caps are holding back the Cloud

I have covered this ground for years… ISP’s are such a disappointment. They started out okay, then they went to the sky with unlimited bandwidth for Internet access and then they laid the ‘smack down’ on their customers with the tiered service for Internet access. While the commercials ring in about how grea ‘the cloud’ …

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May 21 2011

ISP’s see Netflix as a curse and a God send

This past week an article hit Internet about Netflix being the largest single source of Internet traffic on the web. At the same time this article was posted, I could hear the ISPs of the world salivating. This was just the kind of information that they needed to make sure that they keep their customer …

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May 05 2011

Getting everything from your Internet connection…


I was reading through the article the other day about how Comcast had had a spike in consumer subscriptions into Internet broadband services. The fact that Comcast is having a spike in Internet subscriptions doesn’t surprise me one bit, actually I would expect to have more subscriptions, but what may be keeping consumers from adding …

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