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How To Remove Ads From Skype [part 2]

I had a post back in February about removing ads from Skype and it worked pretty well, but my machine died recently and I had to go back to a vanilla install of Skype on my PC; this got me searching for other options. What really sparked this search was that I had recently reloaded …

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How to convince your employer to let you work remotely

Barring the recent idiocy decision from Yahoo; there’s a growing trend for employers to allow for remote users. Some people refer to this as working from home, telecommuting or teleworking; basically the person doing the job is doing everything without having to physically go to the office. Some employees want to work from home to …

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‘Irritatingly Talented’ pays off!

Being ‘irritatingly talented’ never really gets old; that’s what my sister calls me. My other sister calls me by another name, from which I’ll not post here, but I know she loves me a little. Back in late last year, my sister bought a bargain laptop from Wal-mart for $300 [with my endorsement, so hush]. …

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