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Fake News Sites Are Going To Be Punished

At least 50% of America is unhappy with the latest US elections. Some people are extremely excited about having a Donald Trump presidency while the other half are unanimously disgusted. The overall consensus in America is that the two choices that we had for president were not good; it was like having to choose between …

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Protecting DVD and Blu-Ray Discs

The task of copying a DVD is still a lost art on some folks and there’s plenty of documentation and applications that can make backup copies of DVD’s, but I’m not writing this for any malicious reasons, this is for parents; parents of small kids. Or ‘big kids’ that watch a lot of movies. The …

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Download: Windows Live Writer – For offline bloggers.

When you’re in the business of issuing a blog post one of the nicest things you can have is a tool that will facilitate and make possible the task of entering your information easily, and eloquently, being able to format the information without having to go to a lot of gyrations to present it to …

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