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Sep 30 2016

Slick new iPhone 7 case restores the headphone jack

I think it’s always funny when you see companies trying to dictate the path of technology in such a way that it angers people. Apple’s newly released a new iPhone 7 it’s causing a star with the absence of the headphone jack. There was a lot of discussion about the release of the iPhone 7, …

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May 14 2012

Smartphone development is just a repeat of the PC evolution…

If you’ve been around long enough to remember Apple vs. IBM. Or when Commodore C64‘s were better than TSR-80 [coco’s]; from there, you can reference everything I’m going to say here. I’d presume this comes around with being in tech long enough to see it circle back around and repeat itself. It started with the …

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Jan 16 2010


It’s no secret, I have absolutely no love for Internet Explorer [I don’t care which version], but with the latest advisement by Germany, it’s showing huge impacts on the credibility of the Microsoft browser. It was only months ago that the US government was asking NOT to use Internet Explorer. And now they’re telling you… …

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Jan 14 2010

That’s Odd: US to circumvent other countries censorship security measures?

I was reading the article on how Obama approves of what Google is doing in response to the filtering and the security breaches, but what I read was eye catching. It says basically that the US is going to help citizens in other countries get around that countries filtering technology, so they can see other …

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Nov 02 2009

Pirating Windows 7; nothing changes.

It’s no surprise that the pirating of Windows 7 is just so obsessive right now. Microsoft Vista was such a disastrous release. Microsoft release Vista thinking it would be the answer to XP and it was just the opposite. I wouldn’t really buy a Windows 7 Key from EBay and I wouldn’t buy a copy …

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