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Jan 09 2013

Cable Companies should be scared to death- ‘Cable Cutters’ are killing them.

In 2013, traditional cable companies need to be extremely careful with their customers and they need to be dead scared, because of the blah cable programming and the archaic program guides that have been offered over the years. Devices like Google TV,  Apple TV,  Boxee and Roku  have only begun to scratch the service of …

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Jan 04 2012

Review: MAGIX Music Maker – Silver

I have to admit I’ve never used a ‘music maker’ before, but I was recently very surprised when I downloaded a free version of Magix Music Maker [silver]. It’s been so fun to make my own music, my wife has even found the process very creative. If you’ve never created music on your own, thinking …

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Sep 13 2011

Mozilla Thunderbird Plug-in: SocialMail 0.6.2b

One of my favorite plug-ins for Thunderbird; it’s actually the plug-in that saved Thunderbird from being replaced by something else [for me]. SocialMail is a plug-in that mimics the functions of Xobni. Xobni has openly said that they have no interest in creating a plug-in for Thunderbird, and doing for Thunderbird what is Xobni has …

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Jan 04 2011

Microsoft: Why are they last in everything?

You name the arena Microsoft seems to be finding themselves in a tight pickle here lately. I haven’t been impressed with Microsoft since before Bill Gates left the helm. Bill Gates would have never let Microsoft drop the ball on mobile computing! But Steve Ballmer does; and makes it look easy… For the most part …

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Nov 13 2008

USB 3 – Welcome to Our Planet.

 USB 2, it’s hard for me to say this; for years you’ve been real good for us. Your name is as common as Apple Pie, but your services are no longer required… USB 3 get in here.  USB 3 is being prepped right now. The USB plug we use now is not the same as …

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