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Netflix and Enemies of the Internet

This past week’s been pretty interesting when it comes to the neutrality,Netflix and the future of the Internet. We saw lots of new developments with Netflix and Comcast, as well as openly pointed discussions about backbone Internet service providers upset about Internet service providers charging for Internet service to customers in the last legs of …

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BlackBerry 10 Features Gives RIM a Competitive Edge

Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry smartphones, may have had some tough times as of late. However, with their recent revamping of their business-centric smartphone design and operating system, they’re setting themselves up for a fresh start. With features ranging from increased compatibility to one of the most secure operating systems ever conceived, the …

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The Hootsuite Team: I Want a Change

I’m not sure if the e-mail that I received today was actually supposed to be sent to me. The e-mail was addressed to ‘Board, investors and friends’ and the subject of the e-mail was ‘Hootsuite Pivot – CONFIDENTIAL and INTERNAL’, but at this point I think the cat is out of the bag. I think …

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