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Sep 25 2012

iPhone 5 users looking to switch to an Android- It’s Understandable.

Are you in the crowd of people that continue to be unimpressed by the iPhone.  Most can back up enough to say that I understand the iPhone set the standard for what a smart phone is, but beyond that, the execution and handling of the iPhone has been something that I just think is horrible. …

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Apr 07 2010

Android: Uber Keyboard – formerly TalktoMe Keyboard

Between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Google, these are the best services right now for voice recognition. Both services utilize cloud computing with the smartphones. Both capture the information, the information is sent to a processing center, recognition is ran on information that’s presented and then sent back to the operator’s smartphone. TalktoMe Keyboard [TTM Keyboard] is, …

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Nov 07 2009

The Future: Smart Phones Remove Privacy

I’ve long said that mobile phones are not phones at all; they’re small PC’s and the function of making a phone call is only a side affect of what they can really do. The push for phones to do all kinds of things besides voice conversations is cause for raised curiosity. The level of necessity …

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Sep 30 2009

VOIP: Everywhere You Want To Be

I’ve already posted that I think ISP’ are going to change to to ‘media company’, but the more interesting thing is the communication lines like telephone. It’s not enough to have a phone line anymore; full well, Verizon isn’t interested in land line phone connections anymore. Just about every Internet connection is going to offer …

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Jun 24 2009

I’m sorry, WiFi only has a few years to live

I’m not really stating anything that already hasn’t been thought about, but you have to sit back and realize that smart phones and portable Internet enabled devices are growing by leaps and bounds. First, the PC was outsold by the laptop and now the Internet portable devices are pulling that gap closed. And while you …

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