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Nov 15 2016

Fake News Sites Are Going To Be Punished

At least 50% of America is unhappy with the latest US elections. Some people are extremely excited about having a Donald Trump presidency while the other half are unanimously disgusted. The overall consensus in America is that the two choices that we had for president were not good; it was like having to choose between …

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May 05 2009

Windows 7 RC: Coming to a PC near you.

Microsoft has released it’s release candidate. This is basically it folks. If you want to see what the next version is going to look like; this is it. Next to nothing will change from now to production time. The long and short of it is this… download it, burn it to a DVD, install it, …

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Apr 08 2009

Microsoft moves from Windows 7 beta to RC

Microsoft is offering several options for those who want to move from the beta version of Windows 7 to the release candidate when it comes out sometime in the following weeks. Unfortunately, none of them are as easy as a direct upgrade path from the beta build to the RC but rather require a fair …

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Mar 27 2009

Public Poll: Vista has the Lowest Rating

It’s no wonder why Microsoft is preparing so fast to get Windows 7 released; it’s got the lowest Operating System rating of any other competitor. Microsoft made the mistake to push Vista out the door too soon has given them such a black eye and while Microsoft reports sales of Vista are up, many customers …

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