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May 24 2013

Don’t let Google make you stupid

More and more I find myself in situations where I’m completely dependent upon my smart phone. I hate to say that having a smartphone is making me stupid, but the simple fact is, if I have my smart phone, I know that I don’t have to remember pieces of information and therefore I consider the …

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Jun 13 2012

Streaming Content: We’re very close to cutting the cable…

In an earlier blog post, I was talking about how the future televisions was really not so much about televisions per se, but more about how to televisions of the future are going to be Internet enabled, and how there’s a push right now to integrate high definition, flat screen TVs with the ability to …

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Sep 03 2010

Internet TV: Is It Ready For Prime Time?

Image via CrunchBase Hulu has become a new favorite of mine, but not so much the service, but the option to cable TV. The service is good with Hulu, but it’s more than the service; it’s the hardware that’s required to work with those types of services. I was looking at a Roku box today …

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Sep 22 2008

No News; good news? Comcast discontinues Usenet servers

While I lived under the regime of Comcast, in the southeast, I was ever more wanting to get my hands on some unadulterated bandwidth, but indulge me for a minute while I ramble a tale of woe. I was living in eastern TN with Comcast as the only provider of cable TV. They were/are the …

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