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Oct 11 2011

Review: Logitech c615 HD Webcam

I was needing a new webcam and I wanted to ensure the next webcam I got was high definition, 1080 resolution and was autofocus. With all the buzz being around being able to do video chat and with Skype and Google+ having almost perfected the sequence of connecting; I wanted something that just worked. Unlike …

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Mar 31 2011

Google releases the “+1” on the world – who cares.

Google is a company that’s well versed in being able to provide answers for just about anything that anyone is looking for, but Google’s attempts to get into the social market seemed to be falling flat. And with Google’s latest option to allow you to basically vote upon the links that you choose from the …

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Jan 04 2011

Microsoft: Why are they last in everything?

You name the arena Microsoft seems to be finding themselves in a tight pickle here lately. I haven’t been impressed with Microsoft since before Bill Gates left the helm. Bill Gates would have never let Microsoft drop the ball on mobile computing! But Steve Ballmer does; and makes it look easy… For the most part …

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Dec 22 2010

Tinkering with VirtualBox 4 [beta]

I picked up the beta version of VirtualBox back about 2 weeks ago and I know I’ve reported on the using VirtualBox for doing testing, but it has lots of other functions as well, if you want to use it. I believe it’s a great idea for me for doing my software testing. But in …

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Dec 01 2010

Google Buzz Seems Like It’s Not Generating Any

I have been using the Google Buzz for a few months and since then I have really not noticed any new traffic or attention since starting to use it. I have to wonder if this is going to be like another one of those Google projects that just never get any air under the wings. …

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Oct 07 2010

How to: Install Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline

I’m not a big fan of web installers. I find them a complete PITA because you may not always have an Internet connection, and if people like Microsoft start insisting on these types of installers it’s just going to be bad. The new Windows Live Essentials just came out and everything for the Microsoft team …

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Aug 25 2010

Privacy Concerns: Social Websites Geo-location Tracking

I don’t know that there’s anything more concerning to me than what Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. It’s not enough that people are out there in the world, on the Internet, sharing information and conversing with their Internet buddies, but do they need to know where you are, when your doing it? But wait, all …

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May 01 2010

LEHSYS Report – April 2010

The beginning of this month was outstanding. I was seeing a lot of traffic, but as I’ve reported before, the Internet is a wave, and sometimes you’ll get a few, and sometimes, not so much, but you moving forward. I’ve an established level now of average daily views and it’s easy to notice a surge …

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Aug 31 2008

ISP’s Controlling You

I have been watching the buzz about the ISP bandwidth caps and content filtering; it’s all a preamble to repression and keeping people in a particular spot and the companies retaining their business. It’s self preservation, but the Internet is the wrong place to impose like this… Over a year ago, ISP’s [COMCAST] were basically …

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