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US Congress Votes Early on CISPA to avoid Cyber-Backlash

It’s not bad enough that citizens of the Internet have to deal with new technology, new standards and new fires dodge everyday; but it seems lately the archenemy of the Internet is going to be censorship. Governments seem to think that the Internet has been unregulated for too long and it’s time that the dimwitted …

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Google’s Facial Recognition: Do No Evil – But you can opt-in

Image by Aray Chen via Flickr Google keeps coming with all these new features and functions. And it’s surprising to me that Google didn’t do this earlier, but it’s been reported that Google held off on facial recognition because of the viability of backlash that they could incur if the service was used inappropriately; it’s …

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Windows 7: Microsoft Continues their SPYING practices

Microsoft posted a disturbing article… Does everyone remember that wonderful time in the last 10 years as Microsoft continued to muck with everyone’s machines with WGA; interrogating and SPYING on peoples machines to see if they were ‘genuine’? And does anyone remember the back lash from the public about the rampant parade of false positives, …

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