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Picking BitDefender For Antivirus Protection

I’ve been using Bitdefender for several years. I started using Bitdefender when I started referencing the AV-Comparatives website that independently tests the performance and security of antivirus software. Prior to that, I had been using Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender. Unfortunately, by using Windows Defender, it allowed malware to infect my PC and it basically …

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Senate Intelligence Committee: Don’t Use Kaspersky Antivirus Software

This morning (5/11/2017), in the Senate intelligence meeting, the committee asked the leaders of our respective intelligence communities if using Kaspersky antivirus software was a good idea. None of those individuals endorsed using Kaspersky antivirus software to secure the computers.  Kaspersky antivirus software is based in Moscow, Russia and has been recently mentioned/associated with the …

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Eweat EW902 Android TV Specs Are Impressive

The pending release of Android TV, really got me thinking about what options were already out there on the market. If you go to eBay right now and type in Android TV, there’s lots of options for dual core and quad core android devices that provide streaming media. Some of these devices are specifically driven towards …

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